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What is Gout and How to Control It?

What is Gout and How to Control It?

What is gout? It’s the question a lot of suffering people are asking. Usually when sufferers start looking for answers about gout they have already started experiencing the agonizing affects of this disease. If they had inquired about this disorder a few years earlier a lot of needless agony could have been avoided.

What is Gout

So what is gout?

Basically it amounts to have too much uric acid flowing in your bloodstream. When uric acid builds up to sufficient amounts it turns into needle like crystals that can lodge in various joints of your body. Increased levels of uric acid can also form what is known as tophi. Tophi come about when someone suffers from gout for many years. This condition takes the shape of white clumpy masses that build up in cartilage, joints, or skin. Whatever shape gout takes on both forms can cause a large amount of discomfort and pain. Let’s take for example a normal healthy body; it will pass uric acid from the body by way of the urinary track. However, there’re some conditions that can hamper this function. Beside the type of lifestyle, eating practices can have a large affect on the way this condition develops. This would be why doctors recommend a new diet for someone with gout. A blend of prescription medicines and a change in diet is usually the best formula to achieve some long-term gout relief.

One of the drawbacks to having a prescribed diet for gout is that it limits the foods we consider to be extremely mouth-watering and like to indulge frequently. Establishing a regular exercise routine to include a full range of movement for the affected joints is very beneficial. Another change in eating habits would be to stay away from food rich in purine and salt to help lower the bodies production of uric acid, a contributing factor in gout sufferers.

Many diets prescribed for gout have red meat and seafood varieties drastically reduced to lower purine intake. Foods high in sugar should be eliminated from gout diets because the fructose a simple sugar that is found in fruits and honey can contribute to the production of uric acid. When the foods that produce high uric acid levels are identified a diet low in sodium and foods containing low sugar like leafy green vegetables and drinking plenty of water should be followed.

This all might seem like a drastic lifestyle change, but having a special diet for gout and adding in a exercise routine to your daily activities has been found to produce the best results for long term gout relief. One of the benefits to incorporating this change in your life is reducing the dependence on drugs in particular anti inflammatory for gout relief. By following your new diet you should be able to go back to a normal enough lifestyle with a better understanding of what is gout.

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