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Should I use Opioids for Gout Pain?

Dangers of Prescribing

Should I use Opioids for Gout Pain?

Most people are familiar with opioids because they have used them at least one time in the past for certain dental and injury-related pain or for the pain of gout. These are very sometimes prescribed by physicians for individuals that are dealing with acute pain. Once these go into the body they head for the peripheral and central nervous system, which is where they attach to opioid receptors. This causes them get rid of the perception of pain, which means the person taking them feels immense relief quickly. In addition to this, most people also feel a sense of euphoria and sometimes sedation.

Dangers of Use

Opioids for Gout Pain

While opioids might be helpful for individuals who are dealing with gout and other certain kinds of pain, they are extremely addictive and dangerous to take for prolonged periods of time. They also carry a high risk for overdose because of the feelings they can provide people with. In fact, the cases of accidental overdoses have risen each year and that number is expected to continue into the future.

While overdoses are common with addicts, they also happen with individuals who are legitimately using them. Over 13,000 people died as a result of overdose in 2006, and unfortunately this number has continued to increase each year. The willingness of physicians to prescribe this drug has made it easy for people to get, and it’s widely available on the streets.

The euphoria and pain-reducing feelings that opioids provide have turned this chemical into one of the most recreationally abused drugs in the world. A lot of users also have a hard time quitting opioids because withdrawal symptoms can be so severe. Once a person has built up a high tolerance to this drug, their body actually has to taper down off of it, or else withdrawal can be extremely damaging to the body.

Dangers of Prescribing

While individuals with addictive personalities and past experience with addiction should not take opioids, they aren’t the only ones. Senior citizens generally should not take these either, as they can cause mental problems as a result. There have also been studies done that show bone fractures can increase with seniors who take opioids after the age of 65.

In many cases, physicians aren’t able to determine if prescribing opioids to a patient will be beneficial or dangerous. Sometimes even people in serious pain can develop an addiction because they get used to taking the pills and like the way they make them feel. Each person is different with the way they react to taking opioids, but the dangers for everyone are very real.

How to Overcome Pain

If you are in a situation where you’re faced with the decision of being prescribed opioids, try looking into other gout relief alternatives. Even with the right knowledge about using opioids, you never know if you could become addicted or tolerant to it. Unfortunately even low doses can create feelings that make you want to take them recreationally instead of just for pain. This is why it’s always best to look into safer alternatives that don’t put you at such great risk. Learn more on natural gout relief without using prescription medicines here.

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