How To Get Gout Relief

Gout Relief on August 16th, 2009

Numerous Americans are afflicted with Gout. Gout is metabolic arthritis. It can be extremely painful and can make walking a most agonizing experience. For many years people have avoided foods with a high purine levels or taken risky steroids to help give some form of gout relief. Home remedies are always worth a try, but will in some cases require trial and error. Here you will find some home remedies you can start today avoiding the costs of prescription drugs or the dangerous side affects that accompany many of them.

1) Drinking water is beneficial with gout relief. You should begin by drinking on average 2 to 3 liters of water a day. Water will help your body flush the uric acid from your bloodstream by way of the kidneys and the urinary track system to leave your body.

2) Hydrotherapy can be another useful gout relief remedy. This is particularly helpful with pain. Running cold water over the afflicted area or if available soaking the area can help temporarily relieving pain by reducing swelling and the burning sensation.

3) Making up a compress comprised of juniper oil has been found to be very beneficial to many gout sufferers. Placing this on the affected area will help brake down the toxic deposits

4) Taking activated charcoal in small doses will help reduce the uric acid levels in your bloodstream.

5) Doing targeted exercises for your effected joint can lessen gout symptoms. This will include doing a full field of motion of your joint. It may be necessary to do these exercises two to three times daily.

6) Certain foods can help neutralize the uric acid levels in your blood. In particular strawberries, nuts, grains, and seeds will all neutralize uric acid. Berries that contain significant amounts of vitamin C and minerals are recommended to help relieve gout.

7) Do not take aspirin, despite the fact that aspirin is a pain reliever. Aspirin has been shown to raise the uric acid level in your bloodstream. This could increase your pain and inflammation of the affected joint.

8 ) Devil’s Claw is another anti-inflammatory that can help ease the pain. Devil’s Claw was first brought home by the colonists to help relieve arthritis. The plants large roots were used to help reduce pain and fever. Be advised if you have Diabetes or using a blood thinning medicine do not take this herb.

Here were just a few suggestions that you can start today to try and find gout relief. As with many home remedies there is not always medical research to back up the findings. Before experimenting with any home remedies you should always consult your primary care physician to find out what is safe for you.

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