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Gout Therapy and Medicinal Marijuana: Are They Linked?

Gout Therapy and Medicinal Marijuana: Are They Linked?

Are you the type of person that is for or against medical Marijuana? Do you know what it allegedly cures or how it works? There is a huge argument about this drug throughout the country and there are a lot of people on both sides. Some say it’s something that should be legal while others think it’s dangerous and not effective for treating anything. Whether or not you realize it, some people even think that medical Marijuana is an effective treatment for individuals who suffer from gout..

Gout Therapy

There are a lot of people who suffer from gout and those people have gone online to forums and gout communities to speak about what they do to relieve gout pain. There are a lot of home remedies, but medical Marijuana is becoming one of the most popular. While medical Marijuana isn’t said to actually cure gout and does nothing for reducing or preventing gout most people talk about how it helps ease their mind and takes their focus off of the pain they are experiencing. For someone dealing with irritating and extremely painful gout, this can make a huge difference in their daily life. Instead of focusing on the pain, they can move on to their daily responsibilities .

Anyone who suffers from gout should remember that there are a wide variety of over-the-counter medications available. In addition to these, seeing a doctor can result in getting a prescription to relieve the pain and reduce inflammation. Both prescriptions and over-the-counter medications have been shown to effectively treat gout pain. The only downside of taking these is having to deal with the side effects, which can be severe for some people. In addition to taking medication, a change in diet can also help. Many doctors warn their gout-ridden patients to stay away from foods like red meat, organ meats, bread, and baked foods. The reason for this is because they are high in purines, which create uric acid inside of the body. When there is too much uric acid, gout will be experienced. Unfortunately, things like alcohol should also be avoided by individuals who suffer from this condition.

While changing a diet around might sound extreme, it’s not as bad it as it may seem. There are still a lot of foods that can be eaten, many of which can actually relieve gout and reduce uric acid inside of the body. Some examples of these foods include: cherries, cherry juice, dark chocolate and honey. These are also great for diets because they are low in processed sugars and are natural.

Drinking a lot of water is also highly recommended by doctors. Fluids will help to decrease uric acid in the body and will also help hydrate internal organs. Water can also help individuals avoid getting kidney stones, which can be extremely painful. The recommended amount varies based on a person’s weight, so talking with a doctor is recommended. So for anyone who doesn’t want to use medical cannabis for gout, they have options. Each person is different with the way they decide to go with treatment and their doctor’s advice should play a large role in that.

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