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How Gout Medicine Can Help With Pain And Irritation

Gout medicine for pain and swelling include:

How Gout Medicine Can Help With Pain And Irritation

Anyone who has gout knows that it is extremely painful and bothersome. It can mean not being able to walk or even maintain a normal lifestyle. Fortunately, there is gout medicine available that can result in getting rid of gout and preventing flare ups from happening. With regular treatments most people are able to lead regular lives without gout being a huge problem.

Gout medicine for pain and swelling include:


This is a treatment option that should be used within the first 12 hours of an attack in order for it to be most effective. These are given in tablet form and are generally taken two at a time. The third tablet should be consumed one hour after the first two. This should continue three times per day over the course of a full week. Side effects include: abdominal cramps, nausea and diarrhea.


Most people have these in their medicine cabinet already. Ibuprofen is the most common, but Naprosyn and Sulindac are also options. These should be taken when a flare up is happening to reduce inflammation and pain.

Injectable Glucocorticosteriods

There are two options for how this gout medicine can be administered. Oral administration is the most common, but some people choose to use injections that go into their joints. This reduces the inflammation of an attack and decreases pain

Gout medicine for pain

Gout medicine for lowering uric acid levels

This is something anyone with constant gout should do. There are a variety of treatments available through both prescription medications and over the counter drugs.

Gout medicines that lower uric acid levels include:


This is a gout medicine that prevents uric acid from producing by blocking the enzymes that create it. An example of this medication is Uloric.


This is a medication that is taken orally to decrease the amount of uric acid that is created in the body. An example of this treatment is Zyloprim.


This is another gout medicine that breaks down uric acid in the body. The main difference with this is that it turns the acid into a compound that is more easily soluble. An example of this is Krystexxa.


When the body is able to remove uric acid from the body more efficiently, gout is no longer a problem. This particular medication is designed to do just that. An example of this medication is Probalan.

All gout medicine should be taken as directed on the bottle or by a doctor. Not following directions could result in the treatment process not working at all. Doctors should always be consulted before taking all medications as well. They can provide personal insight as to which treatment for gout relief is going to be the most effective. Several treatments may need to be considered before the right one is found.

The benefits of treating gout include: reducing pain, preventing attacks in the future, reduce long-term damage to joints and prevent kidney stones. Even just having more comfort throughout the day can mean someone being able to live a better life. Not treating gout can result in long-term damage and a lot of discomfort each day.

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