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Gout Toe Relief With Cold Level Laser Therapy

Living With Toe Gout

Gout Toe Relief With Cold Level Laser Therapy

Gout (also referred to as gouty arthritis) is a debilitating form of arthritis caused by the buildup of uric acid crystals in the joints, surrounding tissues and tendons. It is an intensely painful disease that results from an increased uric acid concentration in the bloodstream (academia). First gout attacks most often affect the big toe (gout toe), some of the symptoms may include swelling, redness, inflammation and excruciating pain if touched or rubbed against, gout can also affect many other joints such as the ankle, knee, wrist, fingers, and spine. Secondary attacks of gout are usually isolated to one joint and last a few days; later attacks of gout can involve several joints at once or occur in succession and last for weeks if untreated.

Cold Level Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy or low level laser therapy (photobiomodulation) has been clinically shown to cut down the length of a gout toe attack, and other forms of gouty arthritis. Cold level laser therapy has been proven affective in treating a variety of other inflammatory conditions and musculoskeletal disorders. This pain free and heatless treatment normally consists of three sessions averaging around 10 to 60 minutes depending on the type of treatment being applied. Patients have stated a significant pain reduction after their first visit. In this therapy the patient is exposed to low level laser light or light emitting diodes, these are used to stimulate or inhibit cellular function. The light or photon energy that is produced has the unique property of being able to penetrate two inches below the skin increasing cellular metabolism with no tissue damage occurring.

The FDA has currently ruled that low level laser therapy is safe and a warning that protective eyewear is needed. Low level laser is currently used to treat a range of painful conditions such as inflammation of the tissues and joints from arthritis, backpain, and various sports injuries. If you are suffering from gout toe or from another form of arthritis and seeking gout relief, it is highly recommended that you contact your doctor first or other qualified professional, before attempting cold level laser therapy at home or any other home remedies for gout relief. Fully understanding gout and why it occurs is key to preventing future attacks

Living With Toe Gout

Why let gout control your life?

Toe gout can be a painful medical issue to deal with but there is help you can get. Read on right now to learn more about how you can start living with toe gout and treat it properly without letting it control your life. Toe gout is a problematic condition which affects a large number of people nowadays. Its causes are split between a genetic predisposition and medical factors, though in all cases it can be a very serious issue for living properly. It’s a condition which persists in your lifetime and can be unpredictable, causing you problems when you least expect (and need) them.

Diagnosing a toe gout condition can be done based on simple visual indications – a red swelling around the joint – as well as some physical signs like a feeling of pain and discomfort. It may be difficult to tell apart gout from a regular swelling, but if you get the conditions many times in your lifetime you’ll get to know its particular details.

Preventing toe gout from manifesting itself is the best way to deal with the condition if you’re affected – this mostly boils down to controlling your uric acid (which is the primary cause for pain and discomfort in the condition). The best way to get gout relief to reduce the amount of meat and seafood you eat and increase your intake of Vitamin C. You should also put some effort to decrease the amount of alcohol you’re drinking, and maintain your weight in order. In general, going low on your calories is a good idea for preventing toe gout from appearing commonly. For immediate treatment, you can try a steroid solution injected into the affected area, though you should never do this without consulting your doctor first. Some medications are also available to prevent your gout episodes and relieve you from their effects, which include allopurinol, febuxostat and probenecid.

You shouldn’t use these initially though, as they’re only recommended after some time has passed after you initial attack, as there are some factors that need to be determined before taking up treatment with such medications for your toe gout.

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