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Surprising Information about Gout!

Specialists Aim to Raise Gout Awareness in New Zealand

While there are millions of people throughout the world who suffer from gout, there is one country that has the highest concentration of sufferers. New Zealand is actually known as the gout capital of the world, and in-patient costs for it recently reached 2.4 million dollars per year. In fact, it’s estimated that each New Zealand resident who suffers from this actually takes 4 extra days off from year just because of it. Unfortunately many people don’t realize that gout is generally treatable and that they don’t have to suffer.

Making Gout a Priority

Information about Gout

Specialists are trying to raise awareness and education about gout so that it becomes more of a priority in New Zealand. Right now most people don’t understand exactly what causes and triggers gout, which means they don’t understand what they could be doing to prevent it. For example, a lot of sufferers don’t realize that the things they are eating and drinking could be causing this condition become more of a problem for them.

The agony that comes from gout is something that people don’t have to experience on a frequent basis. By each person getting more of an education about gout, they will be able to learn how to deal with it and which medications are effective treatments. Most specialists agree that treatment would be easier if patients were given a uric acid test to determine the uric acid levels in their body (high levels cause gout). With the results from this test doctors would be able to speak with patients about what they could do to prevent uric acid from building up. They could also offer information about medications like benzbromarone, which has been recently introduced and can actually treat gout. This would get many people back up on their feet so they could get to work and get on with their lives without the agonizing pain of gout following them around.

Surprising Information about Gout!

A lot of people are surprised to find that gout is one of the most common forms of inflammatory arthritis. This means that there are millions of people who suffer from it throughout the country. A lot of people are also surprised to find out that it can cause some pretty severe health problems. This is because gout can progress to a more severe form that affects your way of life and your health.

Generally when you suffer from this condition you’re going to experience excruciating pain in your big toe, but it could also affect the other joints in your body. Some people suffer from random flare-ups that don’t happen that often, but there are some who deal with daily flare-ups. The occurrence of flare-ups depends on the person, their health, their diet and many other factors. If left untreated, chronic forms of this condition can gradually become worse and cause the joints to freeze to the point to where they can’t be moved. This is the result of huge crystals of uric acid forming over the joints and causing severe inflammation to occur. This can make something as simple as holding a pencil or even holding a brush feel nearly impossible.

Gout affects on Personal Life

A lot of people don’t realize that gout can dramatically affect their personal life. Flare-ups can occur at any point in time, from when you are at the office to when you are on vacation on the beach. It’s not possible to tell when a flare-up is going to occur, which means it can make an appearance at any point in your day or week. People who are active can find gout especially disheartening because it can cause them to be down and out for days. The pain and inflammation can cause them to be bedridden or stuck not being active, which can affect their quality of life. Millions of people suffer from this gout and it can really change the way they are able to live. Finding gout relief doesn’t have to be a hassle it is just a matter of getting the correct information.

How to Find Treatment for Gout

If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of gout, then go and get it checked out by a rheumatologist. You should also go get checked out if this condition runs in your family, as it is hereditary. There’s no reason you should suffer, especially when help is so readily available. There are many doctors out there that can help you get rid of the gout pain and prevent it from happening again in the future.

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